BC, Thanks to you posting your modus operandi for getting your not-so-clear-cut work experience accepted, I get my charter in next few weeks instead of in January 2010. I did exactly as you suggested, i.e. juxtaposing my work experience with specific CBOK references, and was able to get additional months accepted to go over the hurdle line. No questions asked. Of course, my sponsor was very helpful in the sense he used the correct keywords when discussing my work experience. Again thanks again. We started the journey together at about same age (McCainian wrt to rest of the AF) and under similar circumstances in 2005, and we end it together on a high note! Hope things have worked out for you. Goodluck with everything! BTW, my email address is my nickname here @gmail.com - it would be great to stay in touch. CFAAtlanta, 3 new-letters coming soon here.

This is really good info… And, of course, congrats on getting this hurdle done with.

CFAAtlanta, where do you work in Atl? I am in Atl also.

Joey, Thanks. You have kept your academic spirit alive in spite of going over to the dark side. It is nice to see that. I miss that. I guess time has a way of romanticizing the past. WS, Drop me an email at the address above.

CFAAtlanta, congratulations, and thanks for the note. I’m glad my technique helped. It feels very good to be almost through the process and see it pay off. I remember talking to you just after L1 and it still felt like the bottom of a big mountain to climb. Things for me have definitely moved in the right direction since then, though this job market doesn’t help much these days. Hope you are seeing some dividends for your efforts too down there in Atlanta. I’ll be in touch to catch up with you.