Be Excellent to Each Other

Many of us see the light at the end of the tunnel and hope it’s not a train going in the opposite direction. Irrespective of where we are on our individual journey’s we all deserve respect for we have achieved and the work we have put in whether it meets the group definition of success or not.

For some this journey has been like skipping through the park on a spring day, for others it has been like carrying the one ring through Mordor. Whichever group you fall into try to remember that what may be easy for you may not be easy for another and this is not because you are better or they are worse, you are just in different places on the trail.

So whilst some of us are in the last few days of wanting the wait to be over do try to be decent human beings, even if you’re right you can be kind, because the person you do the most damage to is yourself when you’re unkind.

And yes, I’ve not always been kind, and yes it makes me feel bad when it’s pointed out to me.

I agree


Good words. It’s good to be reminded.

Well said Monito Wish you the very best this Tuesday

Thanks for reminding the others Monito. Honestly I was quite shocked on how aggressive some posters here in Level III forum specially towards those who just recently passed L2. Calling names such as “newbies”, “little brothers” and what not. I get that tension is present as they are waiting for their results but they don’t need to be mean to other people.

Go F**k yourself you sniveling little sh*t

Monito?! is that you?.

I dont do drugs but this seems good stuff. You have an honest dealer.

I’m convinced the only way to forget about Tuesday morning is to drink this weekend.

Thank you Homer Simpson:

Word for word, wasn’t that Jerry Springer’s Final Thought from Tuesday’s show? :stuck_out_tongue:

“take care of yourself…and each other”

Jerry Springer show is still going? Wow I used to love that show in HS.

I think I’ve seen more posts from recent level 2 passers talking about trolling those awaiting level 3 results than posts from level 3 people being rude to the new crowd

i don’t think terms like newbies and little brothers are really that offensive

I agree, boozy weekend for me too.

It is when they say or accompany with something like “Try to find something to do on this day, like drink milk or something”…

or “Better yet, start drinking your milk now and leave the L3 forum and all your ridiculous self-fulfilling questions behind”

or “back the f up before you get smacked the f up.”

wrong thread sorry

nvm correct thread

Had a fair share of Bacardi Limon yday night, will have tonight as well.

Client visit tomorrow for the entire next week, hopefully help me get over the habit of frequently checking analystforum. But my client knows am expecting the result as well and he has asked this twice over the last one month… Haa!

Good luck folks!

Nice words, Monito.

Double post

Did that make you feel better? Did it make people look up to and respect you in a new way?

Hope so, because it really didn’t move me at all.

I think the last one was a troll from the water cooler who only visits the exam forums to dish out bad advice and stir shit up…seems to have worked this time…