Be like Bill

I must be new to the “Be Like Bill” party.

Some of the stuff is pretty funny.

Just google “Be Like Bill”.

Its funny that there would be a backlash. I always considered the Bill memes to be a backlash on annoying internet behavour themselves.

Well now that it’s growing and expanding it’s probably striking a nerve for some people. Say for instance you write that Bill doesn’t post endless pictures of his kids on social media or something to that effect… well Bill is going to die very quickly at the hands of very proud new moms.

If i saw it elsewhere on the internet it would be amusing. Anytime anything clogs up facebook newsfeed with crap like this it becomes stupid. Maybe the facebook integration is part of the hate its getting? Same with those stupid bitstrips from 2 or so years ago.

Yeah, but what can really be more annoying than a gaggle of smug people posting passive aggressive cartoons telling other people how to act.

At the very least they should have tried to make them funny or clever.