beach reading?

Has anyone read a finance/economics/economic policy/theory book lately that they would consider a must read. I’m going to be sitting on the beach all next week and need to look busy. I’m not looking for intro to financial statements or anything like that, but something different and not too boring.

Dow 36,000 also Personal Bankruptcy for Dummies

“Fooled By Randomness”

“When Markets Collide” El-Arian.

Dragon Lance: Dragons of Autumn

Inside the House of Money, if you like global macro. Or Schwager’s New Market Wizards, if you like trading. Soros: On Globalization (maybe), I haven’t finished it. I second “Fooled by Randomness.” I like it better than “Black Swan,” and says more or less the same stuff.

comp_sci_kid Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Dragon Lance: Dragons of Autumn Nice…Although The Wheel of Time is a little more contemporary. When Genius Fails is a good read I also really enjoyed Reminiscences of a Stock Operator

Liar’s poker Monkey Business

“The Bottom Billion”

The Velocity of Money Monkey Business Liar’s Poker Barbarians at the Gates Fooled by Randomness The Only Three Questions That Count When Genius Failed Atlas Shrugged (I relate this to Wall Street quite well)

Ponzi’s scheme

Rigged by Ben Mezrich is probably a good beach read

I read “Market Wizards” and “The New Market wizards” for motivation/inspiration on someone’s recommendation. I was hoping the interviews would be slightly more practical (e.g. more notable historical scenarios) as opposed to theoretical (mindset, technical indicators) but it had both and was a very interesting and inspiring read nonetheless. It’s probably good beach reading. Also, the book is basically a series of interviews sectioned off into perfect poop-sized chunks.

Ugly Americans is a good beach read. I also second the suggestion for inside the house of money, I re-read it recently and its very good

“Damn, it feels good to be a banker”

“Damn, it felt good to be a banker”

yes! That book is perfect for the beach. Easy reading, could wipe it out in a weekend, funny, and now sort of naustalgic…

Second on market wizards series if your into trading quick, easy reads and pretty motivational

You can also try “Damn, it feels good to be a Secretary of Treasury” by Paulson and “Damn…!” By Greenspan Also you can try