Becoming a Charterholder

Apologies if this has been answered before. I’ve just passed level 3 and I’m now looking to obtain the charter. I’ve had my work experience approved, obtained the required references and paid my CFA Institute annual fees. Is that enough, or in order to become a charterholder do I also need to join a local society i.e. CFA Society of the UK? I was under the impression joining a local society was not necessary to obtain and start using the charter, but the exact requirements don’t seem to be explicitly laid out on the institution website.

Thanks in advance

check preferences, change your directory discovery preferences and you will appear

i also want to know whether it is necessary to obtain society approval for charterholder. plz advise.

Have you paid?

not yet, i cannot continue to pay, as society approval pending.

Unfortunately I still don’t see myself in the members directory. I basically went to the CFA members directory, queried only my surname, and I still don’t appear in the directory. This is making me think I also need to join a local society before I can use the charter. Do you think this is true?