Beer/Alcohol and memory

whats the last stage of alcoholism? saturday night roll call!

Drinking and doing homework worked wonders in my case, specially when I had to write a solid 20-pager. The fourth and last stage of alcoholism is characterized by a chronic loss of control.  In the earlier stages of the illness, the problem drinker may have been successful in maintaining a job.  Due to the fact that drinking during this stage frequently starts earlier in the day and commonly continues throughout the day, however, few, if any, full-time jobs can be maintained under these conditions. In the earlier stages of the illness, the problem drinker had a choice whether he or she would take the first drink.  After taking the first drink, the drinker typically lost all control and would then continue drinking.  In the last stage of alcoholism, however, alcoholics no longer have a choice:  they need to drink in order to function on a daily basis. During the fourth stage of alcoholism, benders are typical.  More to the point, in the fourth stage of alcoholism the alcoholic frequently gets helplessly drunk and may remain in this predicament for a number of days or weeks.  The unattainable goal for the drinker while engaging in his or her bender is to experience the “high” they he or she once experienced. In the second or third stages of alcoholism the drinker’s hands may have trembled slightly on mornings after getting drunk the previous night.  In the fourth and last stage of alcoholism, conversely, alcoholics get “the shakes” whenever they attempt or are forced to refrain from drinking.  These tremors are an indication of a serious nervous disorder that now affects the drinker’s entire body.  When “the shakes” are combined with hallucinations, furthermore, the result is known as “the DTs” or delirium tremens. The DTs are a potentially deadly kind of alcoholism withdrawal that almost always takes place unless the alcoholic receives immediate alcoholism treatment.  It may come as no surprise that after an attack of the DTs, more than a few alcoholics promise to never drink again.  Sadly, most of them do not and cannot fulfill their promise.  Consequently, they more often than not return to drinking and the alcoholic drinking patterns and drinking problem start all over again.

Look being from the country I am from, alcohol is a standard part of my life, go down to the pub for a few every now and then with some friends, and as long as you dont get wasted I dont think it realy has an effect, of course I have no f**kin choice cos if I dont then I am an outcast! (Or dry balls!) But basically I havnt failed any exam yet so… I guess its not having any effect, but studying drunk… ahhh no!