Well . . . we have a thread about whisky, so I thought that we should have a thread about beer.

With dinner tonight I had a bottle of 1809: a berlinerweisse.

I’m partial to berlinerweisse and hefeweisen; yesterday it was an Ayinger brauweisse.

What about the rest of y’all?

Berliner Weisse? I didn’t know that they even made wheat beer in Berlin.

Anyways I am partial to Bavarian beers for lagers and for wheat beers. For lagers, so far, I think that I like the standard Augustiner lager the best.

For wheat beers, Franziskaner. I think I have also tried the Ayinger at some point, but I don’t really remember it.

Both these beers are nothing more than upper-bracket industrial, yet I find them better than pretty much everything I have tried outside of Bavaria, which I find are always too flat, or too sweet, or just lack that punch.

For ales (or say, ale-type) IMO nothing comes close to Belgian trappists, the Westmalle (the one with the beige sticker) being my favorite I think.

Dark beer, the darker the better.

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Lagers for me…most German style lagers, including bocks if they’re not too sweet. Schwarzbiers are great too as are ESBs. Among ales, I like Belgian dubbels and tripels. Standard go-to beer is a SABL

Big fan of west coast style IPAs, but really like Dogfishhead’s 90-minute imperial IPA. Once ran across a $10 since 12-ounce 120 minute IPA but I couldn’t justify it, although I was told it was ~20% alcohol so that could have been fun.

I had a really delicious red ale while traveling through Omaha NE about 6 years ago. To this day regret not written down the name of that beer…

I don’t really drink beer…

I’m a stout and porter guy. Not super particular either. Bitter, sweet, smoky, spicy I like them all. Coffee, chocolate, peppers, fruits are all welcome in the pool. A personal favorite is Buffalo Sweat Oatmeal Cream Stout from Tallgrass Brewing out of Manhattan Kansas. That said, Minneapolis and Saint Paul have a fantastic micro-brewing community and much of what I end up drinking is picked up at a taproom and isn’t really canned or bottled. You get some amazing flavors- I recently had a peanut butter porter that was liquid perfection- but you also run into limited availability. It sucks to find something you love and then find out that it was an experimental and they might never make it again. Luckily, I’ve got about 30 bottles of bourbon at home for when I can’t make a decision on beer.

Unibroue’s La Fin du Monde

Only pale crispy lagers ; Cass, Hite, Kirin Ichiban…when I must be in the states I find that Sessions Premium Lager stuff.

No beards, hipster beers, or skinny jeans for me.

Coors light is probably the best beer in the U.S. So that is my mainstay. If I want to go euro I’ll crush some heinekins from the can. It’s a pretty good beer, no coors light, but not bad.

Sour beer from The Rare Barrel in Berkeley, CA

my mainstay. also, their Grande Reserve 17 is just as good but more of a special occasion type brew. it is also $10 for 750ml.

i don’t think i’ve ever had a tripel that i didn’t enjoy

I recently picked up some Moose Drool brown ale. Good stuff. Otherwise, Spotted Cow ale is a staple.

two hearted ale

Heading up to Stowe for some heady topper next weekend.

West Coast IPAs all the ways

Russian River, Lagunitas, Stone, Ballast Point, Green Flash, Sierra Nevada, Bear Republic, Speakeasy, 21st Amendment. So many great micro breweries up and down the coast of CA.

German beers bros: Weihenstephaner, Hofbrau , Andescher, Ayinger.

Fixed that.

Wow, you guys know your Bavarian beers pretty well.


Are you referring to the Dutch beer Heineken?