Before they pass away

I saw this and thought the imagery was great. Too bad the book is 6500euros. I would very much like to see more of it, but from what’s available it looks cool.

To see more photos you can click on individual tribes. Site is kind of hard to navigate.

I like the photography, but who wrote those douche captions about Jimmy Nelson?

Jimmy: “You know…Jimmy is pretty sweet on you.”

Elaine: “Aaaaaahhh! He is?!”

Jimmy: “Oh yeah!. Jimmy’s been watching you…you’re just Jimmy’s type.”

Elaine: “AAaaaaahhh! Really?”

Jimmy: “Jimmy’s new in town. Jimmy hem …doesn’t really know anyone.”

Elaine: “Oh! well I’d like, like to get to know him.”

Jimmy: “Jimmy would like to get to know you.”

Elaine: “Ha…”

Cool, vivid. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I saw this guy’s exhibit in Prague. Dark, but with a sense of humor:

The pictures are amazing; however, I am not a big fan of the uncritical romanticization à la Rousseau’s noble savage. Surely, it would be a loss if they pass away but what the pretty pictures don’t show you is the violence and cruelty that is part of the tribal life, e.g. witchcraft-related killings, child marriages, faith healing, female-biased infanticide etc. I am not at all saying we should impose our modern way of life, only that it feels like he is not telling the whole story.

Some data:

“Among traditional hunter-gatherers, the average life expectancy at birth varies from 21 to 37 years.”

“Infant mortality is over 30 times greater among hunter-gatherers and early child mortality is over 100 times greater than encountered in the US. Even late childhood mortality is about 80 times greater.”

“Infants most susceptible to infanticide include those born with defects, those perceived as weak, twins, and those of questionable paternity.”