Behavior Finance: some questions

This one, even my wife who is a speech pathologist, understands better than me:) Schweser is a very shortened while there is a lot of official material … Has anyone some tips on how to maximize the effect in this area? Also I am quite always better in quantitative area since there is ubiquitous language issue.

Flashback, I am in a similar trap. The stuff is just too much for memorization. I have however converted the videos into audio and listen to the audio whenever am driving to or from work. I am slowly getting there!


Thank you. I mean I will try without videos since I haven’t purchased it. Maybe with additional hand notes. In general and given your current year candidate’s advices, the role of hand written notes might be crucial on L III.

I also find it overwhelming but I am thinking of the following:

Write down all concepts (biases, terms etc) as bullets, write a short description for each, and then provide an example.

The challenge in the exam seems to be recognizing the relevant concept and commenting on it. It’s all memorization.

Sounds reasonable. That might be the way for mastering L3 concepts and being well prepared for essay examination.

Saved it for last, didn’t even touch it until March. A lot of straight memorization and traits that are very similar. Best bet is to hit it hard closer to the exam to retain as much as possible.

Oh - and you’re starting WAY too early.

i’m with pc. don’t start now with BF, wait till march . it you want to start skip on to ECON.

I was bored so I read Schweser’s first book and it contains the BF chapter. Then I read the entire first book of the official curriculum to repeat Ethics, solved the EOCs but there are only little changes. That’s just the warm-up.

Anyway, thanks on suggestion.