Behavioral Finance and Capital Market Expectations- how to memorize and retain all the theory?

I completed the first topic in BF and the next day I forgot. Applying the theory memories to constructive questions is a herculean task questions. How do you think i can memorize all of this theory and expect to remember it on the day of the Apocalypse?

For memorizing stuff, you could try using a smart flashcard like Anki, which uses spaced repetition.
If you are not interested in using digital flashcards, you could still try using physical flash cards.
The key is to keep revisiting the material over and over and over again.


Writing it several times is much better than merely reading it several times.


why not both? :slight_smile:
i find writing several times (well, once a day or so without checking your notes to test your memory) works quite well for remembering formulas.
the key is to keep revisiting the material often, through whatever means that works for you.

testing your memory is probably the most important step when memorizing stuff. smart flashcards like anki make it easier to do so, which is why it was the first thing i recommended.


Anki is a good idea but yikes it takes forever making the decks. Anyone found other members who are sharing good anki decks for level 3?

Use mnemonics like ‘C.C.C. HR’ , ‘Think like FAMA’ and ‘Emotional LOSSERS’

Cognitive Errors: Belief Perseverance - ‘THINK: IF YOU BELIEVE YOU MADE AN ERROR? → C.C.C.H.R!’ ← BELIEF/CONCEPT

Conservatism, Control, Confirmation, Hindsight, Representative Bias.

Cognitive Errors: Information Processing - ‘THINK LIKE FAMA’ ← VALUE

Framing, Anchoring/Adjustment, Mental Accounting, Availability Bias


Loss Aversion, Overconfidence, Self-Attribution, Self-Control, Endowment, Regret, Status Quo Bias


Honestly, don’t memorize these. If you’ve gone through any mocks yet, memorizing behavioral fin terms is useless. Just list all of them out and then keep practicing going through what they mean, how to mitigate, etc. try to connect them with your personal real life examples.

Mr. Bateman - thanks so much for these mnemonics, very helpful!

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