behaviour finance is so dry

i don’t even want to read the textbook. is it a good idea to just remember schweser quicksheet summary and start doing questions.

Behavioral Finance is the future of wealth management and investment analysis. Do you really want to be set apart from this?

Behaviour finance is heart and soul of level 3

What, did you expect it to be wet?

It is a torture. I agree. First time around, everybody seemed to have mastered it while I was at sea. I have no shame in admitting I was shit scared of it and it proved nemesis. It took me a lot of courage , reading and perhaps practice as well to pull myself to the level of a mediocre L3 candidates. Of course, once it happened, I passed as well.

I still have not studied it, but to be honest I am excited about it just reading about it and think that it is interesting. But then I like theory more than pure number crunching, so maybe that’s why.

Yeah it’s a good idea to just look at the quick sheet summary. You should do that for all Lvl3 sections and you will prob be totally fine come exam day, IMO. Doing questions on top of that is probably doing too much work, summary should cover majority% of everything you need to know.

It is Jimmy Fallon …right on your face.

I know some people that just read the Introduction section of each reading and still passed, so I believe you.