Behavioyr Finance and Private wealth managament what a boring topics !!!

Realy very boring reading i started to loss my motivation to complete curiclum . Wonder if the remaining material will be like this ? and afraid of the way that CFA institute will ask us related to this material since i’m very bad in writting some thing from my memory .

Behavioral finance is pretty interesting. Keep studying and you will probably end up liking it. Private wealth management, not so much…

Better start liking it. Wait till you get to GIPS. Institute can market it as cure for insomnia. Talking from experience.

I like behavioral finance. It’s fun!

I find the terminology hard to remember. Although some of it sounds like common sense.

Nike Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I find the terminology hard to remember. Although > some of it sounds like common sense. I think at this stage understanding is crucial. Review will help with remembering.

I’ve been watching the old schweser videos. They had some old review questions and it was hard, because its hard when they give a scenario and have you name and define the behavioral finance term. In one example, someone lost money in tech stocks and didn’t want to invest in tech stocks again. What would you suggest as the answer?

Its called “snake-bite effect” , not specifically included in the 2009 curriculum. It was a 2006 question and the 2006 essay has that as the answer.

Ummm… Boring: Pension Accounting. Behav finance is riveting by comparison.

For most of the concepts, it’s better understood if you experience it (and you don’t want to do that). I suggest practicing and repracticing lots of the related questions…


Loss Aversion.

There have been very little calculations so far in readings 3-5. It makes for easy reading but I’m afraid it might make for difficult testing.

the level iii material is so dry, too general! At least the study sessions I have read so far

I like it

we dont have choice, but to like it

My current boss wrote the behavior finance study note. I just made fun of him by pointing out your post to our team.

Its good reading I think

Make sure you know those behavioral definitions/examples/scenarios…its a favorite of the institute…one morning question last year…got em all wrong hahah still passed that mofo but in all seriousness, this is an important concept and if you can memorize and remember definitions it is free points GL All

UTCFA: Where do you work? (My Ph.D. is in Behavioral Econ)