Behavorial Finance Mnemonics

Hey community,

I know there are many threads out there about behavioral finance mnemonics and acronyms, would any want to share with me and others what links they’ve saved or acronyms they’ve used?

Thanks in advanced!

Might not actually need them since most of the time they give you a list to pick from but to keep the categories straight

Cognitive belief: CRICH (conservatism, representativeness, illusion control, confirmation bias, hindsight) Seeing riches? Not if you BELIEVE these things!

Cognitive errors information processing bias: FAMA (framing, anchoring, mental accounting, availability). FAMA French what are you doing here?

Emotional biases: LOSERS (loss aversion, over confidence, self control, endowment, regrets aversion, status quo) don’t be an EMOTIONAL LOSER