Behind Schedule - Can I do it?

Hey guys,

Sitting level 1 Decemeber 7. — Pretty much have all readings done as of this weekend and been doing practice questions and EOC’s.

Undergrad in Finance and currently work in Capital Markets. — I have the whole week off for the exam and a couple days next week due to the holiday. Is this 2 week span enough time to review and pass?

I figure I can get 4 practice tests done by test date. I know this is BS reassurance post but I really need it!

Gonna hammer FNRA and Ethics during this time.— Crush as many practice questions as I can.


I hope so!

why do you think you are behind the schedule?

I am reading Derivatives for the first time right now. and planning to finish reading portfolio management, alternate investment and Ethics first time by end of tomorro…

i surely think i am behind the schedule… but i will just keep working…

I guess I just had it set in my mind that I wanted to have 3 weeks for review. — But I’m letting doubt creep in and this just isn’t an option!

Gonna do the best I can and bang out as many practice questions and tests as humanly possible until test date.

That’s really all we can do. — Eyes on the prize!

Kaplan says a month of practice exams, however I know several people who have passed without nearly that much time. A good friend of mine passed in June and only took her first practice exam 2 weeks out. I think a great deal of it depends on your background.