Being more likeable in interviews

Well, my situation is, that I think I have a fairly decent resume, but just not being more likeable and less stiff I guess in interviews I think is my downfall.

Anyone got any tips for small talk and all that, I think Im fairly terrible at it.

Smart ass comments welcome too

Yo TP,

You the cat slaying tail all the time right? What’s up with you? Interviews ain’t no thing. Go in, flex the BSD, and act as if you’re chillin with your fellow bros at the bar. The guy/gal across the table from you puts their pants on in the morning just like you.

As far as ways to ease the interview jitters, here are my suggestions.

  1. Exercise hard prior to entering the interview.

  2. Tip one cup of coffee (watch excessive caffeine though).

  3. Take a few deep breaths to get more oxygen in your bloodstream.

  4. Don’t fap prior.

  5. Clean your filthy colon.

regarding 4, surely a fap before hand would be useful??

Double post…

No. See the “I’m Dead Serious” post in Water Cooler.

kick off with a magic trick

@transferpricing CFA : May be these will help:

Do NOT consider any interview as a “do-or-die” type situation till it is over. After that it does not matter. Also remember, any issue is a problem as long you have a solution within your capability. If you don’t get through it is neither the last chance nor the end of the world for you.

Always think of your +points and strength vis-a-vis the job till you go for interview (rather than thinking your shortcomings or what happened last time etc…) and you will be less stiff. Steer your discussion / answers /replies towards your strengths and what you know better .

You may or may not be the best candidate in the group being interviewed for the post but try to be the ‘best prepared’ candidate in the group and be ready to demonstrate it - you will be naturally less stiff.

More you would try to be artificially ‘likeable’ more you will be tense and un-natural - making you less ‘likeable’. Just be your natural self, practice good communication skill (verbal) and have faith in yourself (the most difficult part in an interview setting) and every one will like you! Best of luck.

The interview is a conversation. A conversation where you want to put your best face forward, but it is not a video-game where you have to pick up every last coin or die. That’s how to approach it if your nervousness is turning you into a stiff in a suit.

On the other hand, if you are not likeable in real life, it could be difficult to be likeable in the interview. Dale Carnegie’s book is good for that.

Get people talking about themselves in the interview, that is - generally - their favorite topic.

What you want to communicate in the interview is 1) you are capabable of doing the job (often established before they call you in to the interview, but they may want to spot check bits), 2) that you’ll fit into the culture (so ask a bit about how the culture works), and 3) that you want the job (don’t forget to say that, it doesn’t mean that you’re begging).

^ this. Be yourself. If you make jokes now and again, I don’t see an issue in slipping one into an interview convo. I wouldn’t want to hire a rigid person who doesn’t understand humor.

My company is really laid back and tight wad types don’t seem to make it through the interview process.

DATING is my answer. Go to many many disposable dates. Worked for me.

What if he got a GF? can he use that as an excuse?

Turn the tables on them. Make them sell you on why you should join the firm. Start grilling the interviewer on modeling questions and brain teasers.

Have a trophy wife or gf. Always works.

As some others have posted, good interviews are conversations. I had a pretty good time when interviewing with firms that were good fits and just as interested in me.

If your first interview for a smaller firm is a grill session I’d be concerned. For larger firms I see an excuse since there are just so many people to weed out before real interviews but for smaller firms I don’t think they should be taking that approach.


Hahaha… dating is just one answer…

Going to the church as a non-believer as an alternative?

Basically, anything that involves dealing with people who are not 100% your soulmates (friends, people sharing one hobby can not be the answer).

Or pay the HR professional to train which I, personally, would never do.

Let the interview flow naturally and just be yourself. Try not to over think interactions with the interviewer. Be confident in your skills and knowledge. Even if you are nervous, if show confidence in your speech and language, the interviewer shouldn’t be able to tell.

Practice is key but if you want a book as a starting point, I’d recommend:

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Some of the methods don’t work for all but use it to suit your personality and strengths.

Also, look up Jeffrey Gitomer on youtube. When I was in sales (which is essentially what you are doing in an interview), I read a couple of his books and watched his videos to really sharpen up. Best of luck to you.

See #10 (as long as it’s not TOO weird)