Has anybody been here? I am staying at a little resort there next March. Planning on doing a bunch of scuba, so any recs on good dives are appreciated. I am staying around the Placencia area, so any must sees around there? Seems like we are going to pretty much just chill, dive, sip adult beverages and maybe smoke a cigar or two. Is that the MO?

I stopped there on a cruise. We went to a plantation and all got horses to ride that day. It was the only time in my life where going horseback riding meant… “Here’s a horse come back sometime before the sun goes down and we’ll have some food.” I wouldn’t be excited about going on a horse again if it was an instructor led event after that. My dad and I took the horses racing, ripped ripe fruit off the trees and brought them to a small river to let them drink. We were doing some real cowboy stuff. They also had a caged leopard and a pet monkey. I don’t know what the adult lifestyles are like there, but it was very pretty. I enjoyed the nature.

Cool. I’ll be there at the time of year when you can dive with whale sharks, so that’s pretty much a once in a lifetime experience.