Ben Affleck = worst Batman ever

Just saying.

is it me or did jennifer garner get better looking the last few years?

She was always on the hot list, but she got too skinny for my tastes. Now she looks like she’s gained a little weight. (Good, IMHO)

And for the record–best Batman ever = Will Arnett. Christian Bale is a distant second.

Honestly, I’m having a hard time choosing between Affleck and Clooney as worst Batman.

Are you generally into MILFs?

jessica biel > jennifer lawrence

7th heaven!

Perhaps Ben Affleck thinks that you’re The worst Accountant ever.

Just . . . um . . . sayin’.

i just looked it up seems like she got lot of surgery.

I have to leave Kevin Conroy and Will Arnett out of this because it’s too hard to compare just voice acting to the total package. (Conroy’s voice is what Batman sounds like in my head though.)

  1. Bale/Keaton

  2. West

  3. Kilmer

  4. Clooney/Affleck

Clooney was the worst from an acting perspective. Affleck because I hate the Zach Snyder’s Batman (uses guns, kills people, generally kinda dumb). I think with the right writing and directing, Affleck could make a good older Batman.

well the best batman movie was with christian bale as rated by meta critic.