Ben Jones


Sup Lloyd. I’m a Stalla AFer myself. I met Ben several years ago. He’s not that bad, I’ve seen worse at Schwes.

Yeah but after starting out with Peter Olinto, Ben Jones is definitely a step down

I’m sure Ben is a nice guy. He’s actually not as bad as I first thought he was, so I’m upgrading him from -1 to 0

I have yet to get to PO videos. Overall Stalla>Schweser. I like this preparation outline way more than Schwes Qbank and videos. Stalla has much greater structure.

so far I’m happy with them - although I think that passmaster is still lacking a little bit.

passmaster does suck a little bit; i’d say about half the sections were well done.

Ben Jones has about as much personality as a wet fish

I’ll be honest, no offense to Mr. Jones, but I haven’t used the video lectures for his sections. Olinto and Hethrington are considerably better. Ben Jones seems to read what’s on the slide, rather than explaining it effectively, which Olinto and Hethrington do quite well with extensive examples.