Benchmarks: Schweser or CFA AM/PM Mock?

Hi Everyone, I was trying to figure out what are the “extrapolated” pass rates from the above Exams? For level if you are at 75% you are pretty safe, this is what I getting for Level to it was slightly lower to 70% again was aming for these mark but for L3 I’m so lost. 1st Exam CFA AM 2010 - 60% (this was a trial exam three weeks ago) 2nd Exam CFA AM 2009 - 75% I done Schweser Book 1, but do not focuse on those results - from those who passed majority didn’t use the as a reference, e.g. Exam 2 is 20 questions on probabilities cmon. Don’t think it;s not worth focusing on them? I know so many people who used and failed, while those with CFA passed. Also how precise are your answer for the AM section compared vs CFA? Is this the exact answer you have to write? I try not to give partial credit but sometimes it’s so hard … I hope you know what I mean. One question also interest rate caps and floors, do you think we are likely to need to calculate the next 3 effective interest rates etc? it’s very intense or more likely just interest call or a put? Many Thanks for the answers

Good question, I am myself confused here. My strategy will be to do both the Schweser and the previous actual CFAI exams for the AM section.

Level 3 might be different, but my experience from Level 1 and 2 is that the Schweser exams where more difficult then the actual exams, which is good I think.

Of course you do not have to write the exact answer, that is impossible. It is even impossible (at least for me) to write an answer that is close to the given answer.

So for example 2009 CFA AM Q11 last part, would you write down all the calculation or just state manager #1 had difference in e.g. beta,lower systematic risk. Poeple are saying buzzwords etc, so many used them and it didn’t work out. Time seems to be OKish…

I just wrote lower beta, higher st. dev, etc. In this question we are given the numbers so no calculations are required.