Benefit of Memebership of CFA institute before passing all exams

Hi everyone is there any benefit of CFA institute and society membership before completing all exams/ …they have offwered membership to CFA level 2 Candidates with one year of professional experience…? regards shoaib

There are lots of benefits, go see their respective web sites. Whether they’re of enough value to you, we can’t determine.

so does it mean that u are a member?..can you please point out three major benfits ? thank u

Some local chapters have a good job board. Not sure if you need to be a member of the Instutute to be a member of the local chapter though. I had access to the job board when I was doing a prep class through them (CFALA)

I’m a L2 candidate and a member. 1) You get Financial Analyst Journal, various publications most recently a hard cover Global Perspectives on Investment Management and various other stuff in the mail. 2) You can show up to local events. 3) And it looks cool on your resume.

purealpha Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > And it looks cool on your resume. Can you explain it