Benefits of failing Level 1

Everybody who’s passed is enjoying and having a blast! What about those who’ve failed? Well if you’ve failed CFA level 1 and are planning to take it in June 2010: 1. You already know almost all of the content (apart from the changes) 2. People won’t expect much from you 3. You’ve failed level 1, you can still re-consider jumping the CFA bandwagon! 4. You haven’t failed level 2. Trust me its the hardest level to fail! 5. You probably know what resources to use and how to utilize your existing resources in a more effecient way. 6. You aren’t studying MBS, FCFE, FCFF, Multicollinearity, Heteroskedasticity, ABS, Time-series analysis, Butterfly spread, Box spread, Private Equity, blah blah. Put simply, you still have relatively easy stuff to study compared to level 2 and 3. 7. You’ve got a reason to whine? Some people do like whining btw 8. You’re familiar with the worst possible outcome of CFAI exam!

I wouldn’t really consider all those as “benefits”.

But there must be a space to vent.