Berkshire's Biggest Holdings

Lets discuss each of these holdings in some depth.

Oh no, a slideshow. Ewww.

This presentation is probably simpler for everyone:

Note: my link doesn’t show total holdings just equities. I don’t think it matters much to us if he owns the thing outright anyway.

The companies are all pretty self explanatory. I wonder why he is so overweight financials?

cause they’re cheap…its something he can understand…i like financials myself though none of my financial holdings overlap with his…

Its funny how things turned out for Paulson since last year…he bought the crappiest financials and at the time had me wondering if he saw something I didn’t…

Paulson still has a ways to go before he hits his high water mark.

Nothing really excites me about Buffett’s list. If I had to buy one today I’d go with COP.