Best and worst guys on forum

I know this is a little bit not keeping in spirit of forum and policies of forum, but the goal here is to list who do you find most helpful while answering, and who you find is distracting… Keep editing the list, for your response by adding or removing names. Helpful/Clever/Mostly correct Map1, thunder, strange, joey Helpful half the times: pepp, annex, only little helpful / sort of distracting I wanna put a nick that starts with d, here but i’ll wait till someone else puts a name.

And you rank yourself…

This is not fair to the forum users:(

true, lets crap this message

we are all here to help which other and pass this exam. It is a bit sad to say, but I think I spent more time talking to you guys than with people in the real word…this is absolutely wierd…

ohhh popularity contest!!! I nominate myself!!! i just hit 200 post k… don’t doubt me! VOTE XCK for Forum president '08!