Best b-schools for Hong Kong finance jobs?

In particular I’m interested in how the following schools place in hong kong finance jobs.

Wharton, Tuck, Sloan, Columbia, Booth, Kellogg, Haas, LBS

HBS and Wharton by far have the most finance alumni in HK

I hope you can speak either Mandrain or Cantonese, preferrably both, if your looking for a finance job in HK.

I thought they use a lot of English there. If you are Caucasian, maybe you can go for one of those “token white guy” jobs.

^ LOL, true…only problem is that it’s way harder to find a job in HK than in the U.S. right now, unless you’re sponsored by a U.S. domiciled company. I was there earlier in the year potentially contemplating work there, and it was tough times.

I guess numi is right. It is getting extremely difficult to get a job in Hong Kong unless you are on internal transfer and just like Mr-Z rightly pointed out, forget about the so much glamor, glitz and much talked about HK as an Int’l finance center, most jobs in finance and banking still require both Mandarin and Cantonese including back office jobs in global banks.

I was hoping you could at least get by there without Cantonese. But it often seems like they want you trilingual anyway, whether it’s Cantonese, Japanese, or Korean.

This is a joke right? They are requesting people to know those 3 languages? BS

True Story.

Requirements for a lot of jobs right now is for Cantonese, Mandarin and English speaking, reading and writing,. Cantonese for Hong Kong, Mandarin for China and good English to show you had a good education from UK or some place not local. However some jobs can be had for ‘only’ English and Japanese/Korean.