Best BSD Cars under 5k

I lol’ed

$50 for a TV? Only if someone was paying me to take it, and later I would try to trade it for a Mcmeal or a sub sandwich

Go deep value: Toyota Camry vintage 1996-2001. I personally prefer the 1999-2001 editions, the older ones have too much tannin. Be sure to budget for the luxury waterpump and timing belt options

no no no. for deep value he needs a BSD vehicle with mirrors on the hood. I present the 1978 Honda Accord Related image

Just buy a used toyota or honda, those have the best value, avoid anything German or American.

Maybe a high mileage RL or TL

Totally doable. Check craigslist some time.

Ok, I got it. 1992 to 2000 Lexus SC. This checks all the boxes - stylish, reliable, available for $5k, looks good on risers and with spinner wheels. Has a “bitchin” cassette deck. Argument settled then.

TL Type S or hacksaw

^ and when he finds another $5k, can drop a turbo into it. That body style SC300 uses the legendary 2JZ engine that Toyota used in the Supra so it’s super customizable.


ford fiestaaaaaaaaaa. jk never got it. but the things is dirt cheap brand new

yeah boy

That’s a lot of amps…

What other cars do you own brah?

I think my next car will be a self driving Tesla.

Hey, TTM, that’s exactly the car I’ve been looking for! I will buy it from you without even looking at it!

In fact, I was prepared to offer up to $20k for it, so I’ll buy it for $20,000 (just so you don’t take any more bids from others in the meantime).

I only have one problem–there’s a use tax in Texas, which is 8.25%. And then there’s some other user fees and registration on top of that. So if you don’t mind, please wire me $2k up front so I can take care of this mess. Then, once you get the check in the mail, you can cash it immediately.

I’ll PM you the wire instructions.

My uncle Izimba handles most of my wire activity. He’s currently traveling abroad, but if you forward me your account info he can arrange to send you the money.

1987 Porsche 944 $4,500

Nerdy, have you ever thought about maybe not throwing your money away?