Best BSD Cars under 5k

My current car is disintegrating and I am looking for some suggestions on the replacement.

My budget is $5k and the car should do great mileage per galon, have timeless design and run well for at least another 10yrs.

I was thinking about a '09 Kia Rio, what do you guys think?

2007-2008 Honda Fit. Put some VTEC sticker, and it goes faster too!

get a Honda Civic like this

Used 2006 Honda Civic LX

Mileage: 63,683

  • $4,995

Just be sure to have a reserve fund for repairs.


Do you guys ever get tired of being wrong about cars? You want to be a BSD? You want women’s(or men’s, or both…yeah, I looked at the car again, definitely both) panties to instantly turn tropical at the mere thought of you taking to the streets in your new car? You need a 2002 Lincoln Town Car. I was prepared to let it go for $3K, but in light of the strong demand, and because part of being a BSD is being able to pay above market rates for things as a badge of honor, I’ll give it to you for $4999.

Let’s go over your bullet points.

Great mileage per gallon: We all know that to be great, you need to be #1. 8 is closer to 1 than the 30 miles per gallon that your little sissy Honda Civic gets. The window sticker said 17 city and 23 highway, but it will only take one ride in this chariot to realize that feathering the gas pedal and coasting to red lights is a waste of time. Take that dainty foot of yours and mash it to the floor. That sound you hear is 231 American horsepower rocketing you to 60 MPH in a tick under 9 seconds.

Timeless design: You know it. Find an 80 year old man and ask him what the golden age of American automobiles was. He’ll tell you it was the 1950’s. Now ask him what he drives. Good chance he drives a Lincoln Town Car.

Run well for 10 more years: Sure will. Try to treat it like a lease. Aim for 6K miles per year. 7500 if you’re adventurous.

just let me know when you’re ready to wire me the money.

Image result for 2002 lincoln town car dubs

For 5k, just take an uber black when you need to impress.

lololol look at this crown vic on 28s Image result for 2002 lincoln town car dubs

Get a lada 4x4

Image result for lada 4x4

Except for the Honda Fit all the other suggestions were horrible. You guys don’t understand the living cheap mentality

^thats because it is an unrealistic goal. Honda fit is a practical car but far from bsd.

Get a mercury marauder or oldsmobile auora (both were on my shortlist for my highschool car)

Have you seen the trunk on a Lincoln Town Car? For just under $5k, you’re getting a house and a car. Plus, you’re expanding your carbon footprint. As a guy who owns land in the upper midwest, that’s a big deal.


how did some of yall pass level III??? your reading comprehension is on 5th grade level.

the lad was asking for a BSD car. what is BSD about a honda fit???

turd - wake them up man!!!

You can’t really ‘Fit’ anything into a Honda Fit, though can you?

BSD car for under $5k? What’s next, asking for a BSD TV under $50?

Yeah exactly. That BSD Mercedes for $5K is going to make you look real good when it breaks down on the way to an important meeting.

Honda Fit has like 50 cubic feet of cargo volume, which is better than many compact SUVs. It’s one of the main selling points, actually. Anyway, just buy a plastic spoiler in the style of Subaru WRX, put a huge DOHC sticker to block the rear window, and make some stripes using tape in the pattern of Adidas. BSD for sure.

Still not BSD enough? You can probably find nice Jaguar X Type for around $5k. Sure, the car is POS, based on Ford platform, and probably will spill oil everywhere before suffering a catastrophic engine failure. But think about the P. 21" wheels and raised suspension is optional.

2005 or so Acura RSX is probably available for this price as well. This is an interesting case where the car was killed off because it was too good and was cannibalizing sales of the Civic Si.

1995 Ford F-150. Paint that baby black with black rims, you’ve got yourself a BSD ride.

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