Best CFA level 2 test bank.

Hi. Can someone recommend the best cfa level 2 test bank. Looking at Mark Meldrum or IFT but want to try a test bank. Looked at adaptprep, finquiz or analyst prep or should I just stick to EOC questions and TT.

  1. Topic Test

  2. EOC

  3. MM Mock

  4. Konvexity Mock

  5. Konvexity Test Bank

  6. Schweser Mock

Complete these.

schweser did it for me but it wasnt the best and I had doubts all through the last day. Use Mark Meldrum videos and stick to EOC and BB as many times as possible

  1. CFAI Topic Test

  2. CFAI BB & EOC

  3. Schweser Note (don’t waste time/money for qbank or mock or video)