Best CFA picture

Can’t tell if the gap between level 1 and 2 is that wide. I’ll see after I get my level 2 results.

Lol I’m glad this picture is still alive

I enjoy this pic, which I think itera was the first to post here a few (more than a few?) years back.

I have to say that L1 deserves to be fiercer if you have little financial background. If you’ve been doing financial stuff beforehand or were a finance undergrad, then L1 is more cartoonish, but if all the financial stuff is new to you, it’s still a lot to absorb…

Yes I created this picture, many years ago. I would agree for 0 background finance folks and 0 college finance classes, level 1 should look more fierce

I can’t tell the difference between level 2 and level 3 dragons. If anything, level 3 dragon seems a tad tamer than 2. anyone?

They are difficult in their own respects.

Level 3 looks like Smaug to me, who is exceptionally intelligent (for a dragon) and tops the most recent Forbes Fictional 15 of wealthiest fictional characters. Brains over brawn, perhaps?

Level 1 is harder than just a whelp if you didn’t know what LIFO is six months before the exam.

The effect I was going for is that while level3 looks easier, it’s still very difficult. Notice it appears to breathe fire I think overall that’s fair. L3 isn’t as formula intensive and is more common language, but 1/2 is written and is by no means easy

We had a whole thread devoted to this picture, once.

One of the local DnD geeks said that the red dragon doesn’t look nearly as vicious, but is actually more so. So you’re more likely to underestimate it when going into battle.

Plus, science tells us that red dragons are the fiercest of all. It’s been well researched and documented.

Confirm red dragon is the worst.

So level 3 is a different dragon and easier in appearance only.

Surely the L1 dragon deserves to be coloured in by now. Who knows when it will pop up again?