Best CFA Prep Program and Study Methods?


I am new to the forum and am currently working in the industry as a research associate. I would like to take the CFA Level I. I am looking for prep program that is time efficient. I want to learn things as quickly and avoid as much unnecessary details as possible. What in your option is the best prep program (7city, Elan, Schweser, or any others out there)? Also does anyone have a unique study method that has helped you with the process? This webpage on passing the CFA in 50 days looked interesting:

Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

It is probably too late to take level I in December, unless you have a stong background in finance or a good MBA or if you dont work and can study full time. Schweser is sufficient for Level I. I have found for all levels that the CFA blue box examples and CFA End of Chapter questions were essential.

Thanks. Looking to take it next December.