Best Christmas Gifts?

What was everyones best Christmas gift?

New struts for my car.

I got the hacksaw Citizen Eco Drive Perpetual Calendar Chronograph I’ve been wanting. I realize it doesn’t meet AF standards, but it’s the look I wanted and I’m tired of getting batteries changed.

Image result for citizen eco-drive perpetual calendar chronograph mens watch BL5470-06A

Got these wicked good moccasins. Real lambs fur is so choice. Haven’t taken them off yet.

Men's Wicked Good Moccasins

Actually, I thought about getting this watch at one point, but in a different color. I wanted one non-mechanical watch to set the time on the other watches, and to wear when doing messy things. Ultimately, I got some G Shock with solar and satellite time, so I am confident that it will always run and wll always be accurate - probably even after I die…

Anyway, I think at this price point, Citizen watch is superior to Seiko, except when it comes to automatic movements. Citizen fit and finish, and design is just a little bit better. The uneven stitching in the strap in that picture is sort of bothering me though. If that is the case in the real watch, perhaps it is better to get a nice aftermarket strap when this one wears out.

^ Stitching on my watch is much better than in the picture. Thread is a tad darker, thinner and is perfectly symmetrical. Thought about getting the dark face, but this one just drew me more.

Dark face? racist!

Santa put the kids’ name on the gift, but I think that was just an accident.


You know those mini electric cars that little kids can actually drive? Is there like an RC version of that? Like you control it remotely, but there is a human inside also? That would be great.


On Thursday night I got rocked with the worst stomach flu I’ve had since I was a little kid. You take for granted how nice it is to be able to hold down a meal… or even water. That was a horrific couple days.

^ Stomach flu sucks. One of my kids brought one home a couple of years ago and gave it to the rest of the family. Was like oxy powder and then shots of Ipecac syrup every couple of hours.

I got my wife some Scuffs from L.L.Bean; very similar to your moccasins. Wicked good indeed.

She got me a fleece-lined flannel shirt from L.L.Bean: black watch (which is a Campbell tartan). Also wicked good.

You geezer!

(kinda jealous though… I want a pair)

the best is the rubber sole. i can wear them to walk down the driveway to get my morning paper.

i have sneakers on right now and i miss them terribly.

I have these… Manitobah Mukluks… prettty much wear them all day, all night. I’m wearing them right now.


I’ve always gotten my hats from Minnetonka Moccasins and have enjoyed the quality.

I just looked and they have three-layer boots that look a lot like your mukluks:

My Dad used to supply a lot of leather to Minnetonka.

Both Manitobah and Minnetonka are guilty of making it look like the products are hand made by natives when really they are mass produced in China. At least Manitobah does actually sell some native made products through its website.

That’s kinda cool.

Merry Christmas, BS!

I hadn’t thought that Minnetonka’s were handmade by (North American?) natives, but, then, the hats that I get are Aussie Hats. (And, for the record, I was quite sure that they weren’t made by Australian natives.)

Nevertheless, good for Manitobah; if the designs are native American, I think that it’s appropriate that native Americans get the credit, and the income.

Merry Christmas, KM!