Best city you've worked in (For finance & banking)

The perfect balance between well paid job vs nice city to live in.

I’m looking to escape London for many reasons but it seems there are few jobs outside right now.

New York - I hear bankers work late hours and city life is not much better than london?

Hong kong? Singapore?


I’m biased but I love Hong Kong!!!

London - conservative, expensive, harsh beggining

Singapore - clean, ‘nice’, boring: best for families looking to have a pleasant lifestyle, financial services roles deal with South East Asia (Vietnam all the rage right now, some Malaysia/Indonesia)

Hong Kong - raw, exciting, work hard play hard (US work ethic, bars open 24/7): downside is majority of financial services roles deal with mainland China and mainland China is a backwater (lack of legal system, lack of ethics/morality, deals done under the table, polluted as hell, etc.)

My vote: Hong Kong 100%. The only other place I would consider is NYC but never worked there so can’t say

I vote Singapore, Hong Kong you work too hard.


london sucks - dont go there the beaches arent even there, theres no snow for skiing in the winter, and its just gloomy all the time

Singapore is hot, this would piss me off the whole year round.


Also be prepared for total segregation from the locals.

like anyone is thinking that London is the place to go for beaches and skiing?

Also, cheap flights to anywhere in europe in ~2 hours for either and a whole lot more.

If you are picking between NY and London, NY wins hands down. My ex coworker is working in Singapore, she loves the work life balance there and close proximity to other asian countries. It’s hot as hell though.


great atmosphere. Great foods. Top ranked, world renowned golf courses. Perfect weather. Great skiing in the winter (still perfect weather in SF). great beaches. Friendly people. Great companies. Lots of smart people. Awesome canyon driving. Great schools in the area.

I only named 2 out of 1,543 reasons to choose NYC over London NYC is a pretty good hub. I do have to agree with you though as I have traveled through europe and london many times that its pretty easy jumping from london to other places.

^yeah, once you fight your way for 2 hours to one of the London airports. Thats what I like about the asian hubs, they have ultramodern trains that get you to the airports in no time.

if you’re taking 2 hours to get out to heathrow or gatwick on the express trains you’re doing it wrong.

I agree you with that NYC>London but I think it’s just novelty factor at this point. Truthfully I expected NYC to be a whole different league.

My vacation to London I found to be very boring as I found the city way too similar to NYC. Found the people act similarly, similar things to do, similar everything. London = European NYC and NYC = North American London.

NYC isn’t in the league, it is the summit of it

Not sure if it’s a specific city, but working in a satellite office in a city only an hour or two away from a major city has been very nice. Cost living is low but the pay reflects where the HQ is at. And satellite offices have less work for work sake, since no one to impress


can’t believe someone living in NYC actually loves NYC. The only people who really love NYC are the super rich or the party until you pass out at 6am people.