best complementary qualification for my master if finance degree

Hi guys

I am currently working in Australia and I completed my 2 yrs full time master of finance degree from the university of Melbourne.also another master of accounting from some where else .

I am looking for study one more qualification to add value to my master finance as better combination (my understanding is investment sector is highly competitive, I knew the best combination should be always MBA + CBA, but when I was a student I saw myself really interested in specific finance/investment area rather than business administration so I choose master finance at Melbourne business school, and this reuiqred undergraduate finance background - I did my bachelor of finance in the past).

so this is my question:

Master of finance + MBA or Master of finance + CFA?

I was trying to apply for CFA exam but some one told me it’s highly overlapped with master of finance, pursue both might be redundant , and some says they are different. Besides, investment industry is what I firmly believed and ultimately wanted to do for lifetime.

I wanna looking for advise from u guys, CFA or MBA is which will possibly complement my master finance well.

many thanks