Best day ever?

Most of you have heard about the trials my mother-in-law has been going through with liver cancer. When she was diagnosed in December they didn’t give her much of a chance at all (read basically 0%). Well today she had a scan done after her second chemo-embolization and her tumor has shrunk greatly!! The doctors were all smiles and now are saying that they will do one more chemo-embolism and if it goes well they will try to remove the tumor with surgery (it is risky but they think they can do it). In theory this would clear her from cancer for good! This is the best news I have gotten in a long time. Tremendous answer to prayer. She encouraged me to take level II this year…I would love to crush this exam for her. Damn fine day.

Congratulations man!!! I remember that post of a while back. really happy for you, let’s crush this thing now and make her proud!


so nice to hear that you finally have some good news on that front! congrats. :slight_smile: Hope this provides you with the much needed motivation!

that’s sweet. I remember the day I found out my Dad was in complete remmission. Great feeling. Good to hear.

it’s great to see God at work, mwvt. Good luck on your studies!

That is wonderful news to hear.

that’s great news… i remember reading your post when you were totally discouraged, wondering whether you should be doing the L2 and how your mil was encouraging you… will pray that you pass too :wink:

I am happy to hear the good news! I remember your posting. God help us all!!!

very, very good, now I bet passing L2 would just ice the cake nicely, get to the books.

mwvt9 Great news to hear. Crush the exam for her, (and for all of us as well). CP

Great News… Thats great motivation

good to hear that

mwvt9 - Thats a great news … my blessings with her.

i wish her the best

Good mate, cancer is a bit*# any good news is great. My mums been in hospital for 3 weeks now, she has had a few operations, removed some cancer. I think she is going to be alright, hopefully. It definatley puts the exam into perspective however.