Best email of 2012

Congratulations! We are very pleased to inform you that you passed the June 2012 Level II …exam. xx% of candidates passed the June 2012 Level II … exam.

Cant wait for August 2013! Counting down…

What’s the point of posting this?


Or worst, I just sat IMC (through CFA UK) whilst waiting my results for L2, and their email led with

Dear Candidate,

Unfortunately (I stopped breathing IMC’s not even part of L1 how’s this possible) we are having techincal issues with our site blah blah

You passed.


i eant to dio that IMC, thinking about relocating to the UK since my wife is British. Is it a simple exam

It took me 2 weeks to learn the stuff in Unit 1, all the regulatory bits and taxation that are not in the CFA, and since I had access I tried the Unit 2 mock to see if I needed to study for it 85%, so I don’t think it’ll pose you a problem.

No more posts for this pointless thread. I don’t want to keep bumping it to the top.

Oh wait…