Best Finance Journal or Blog

I’m level 3 candidate. Can anybody suggest which is the best finance blog or journal, that I can put into my everyday reading habit.


^Really depends what you are after.I have found the epicurean deal maker to be highly valuable but I am after a career on the sell side so that may not be your thing.

Wall Street journal and financial times are probably the two most well known, but both cost decent money.

i just get the dealbook daily emails (two a day, free, it’s easy to sign up to).

Thanks @Gabelogan and @Ron Swanson…really appreciated

If you’re interested in equities at all, you may like to have a poke around

Bloomberg(Free) , WSJ , The economist


zerohedge for perpetual bearish views

#1 - Subscribe to Matt Levine’s (Bloomberg View) daily email. Entertaining and informative.

FT blog ( is not bad either, Europe-centric.

cant seem to find where to subscribe ?

Yes, yes, yes…we GET it…Blue Book Academy…you dont have to spam it everywhere. I guess yoou’re the guy spamming the 300 Hours forum with it too eh?

End of any article from his “money stuff.”

thanks bro