Best Financial Calculator for CFA?

I am starting to study for the DEC level 1 exam and am in the Quantative Methods section. I realize that my pen and paper are unable to solve most of the IRR problems. Any suggestions for a calculator?

BA-II plus. Hands down.

BA-II Plus professional

I made the mistake of going to Target and buying whichever was cheaper between the BAII Plus and the HP 12C. The HP was four dollars cheaper so I went with it. I wasted about a month of my life trying to learn the clumsy, unintuitive input methods for the piece of garbage and finally gave up and bought the BA II. The BA II plus is so user friendly. I feel like it is almost an extension of my brain after using it for a few months.

Sweet, looks like im going out and buying a BA II Plus Pro. Thanks!

Personally love my HP12C. Once you get used to it you can’t use anything else.