Best Gmat Prep/Practice Exams

Thinking about taking in a couple months. anyone have any reccomendations? Thanks, Dirty

There are tons of threads on Gmat Prep… do a search and read through everything to get some opinions.

Is there a wiki site (or other good free sites) for GRE prep? Or any book recs? Thanks!

I just took the GMAT and used the Princeton Review Online course. It was okay. I got a 600 (not psyched about it but it’s above the mean for the part time program I’m shooting for). I should have put more than the 2 weeks of barely studying that I did but I’m okay with my score. I was just so burnt from cfa studying! I think all the prep programs are probably decent…but to warn you…it is a total shift in gears from studying for the cfa! mostly you just learn little tricks, pick up tips, and brush up on geometry and grammar.

How long did you study for? Hours and weekwise?