Best instruction videos

Ok, I’ve been reading the L2 material and just don’t think I’ll be able to digest it all without some help. I’d really like opinions on the various prep providers video classes. Thanks for the help!

I was very satisfied with the schweser videos …but it appears Stalla got the most positive reviews here. Either way I think videos are very good investment.

I heard for L2 its not worth it.

The 16-week classes have started. You might want to look into the program held by Susan Lakatos, CFA, CFP (see Schweser’s site).

As far as the lectures go, I’m decently impressed with Stalla. Olinto and Heatherington are both very good lecturers. Olinto’s are long winded, but he goes over the topic so in-depth, and at such a slow pace, that he makes the material easy to grasp. Plus he’s kind of funny. I always think of formulas with a Brooklyn accent now. Heatherington simplifies subjects really well, and although he isn’t as in-depth as Olinto, he makes the material easy to grasp. Jones is ok, but I’ve only watched his Econ lecture. I need the text a lot more for that section, but that might be a reflection on the material and not the lecturer. Overall, as far as the lectures go I would recommend Stalla. But if you’re getting the full package beware of the Passmaster. There aren’t many questions (~2500), and I’m finding them relatively simple as compared to the EOC’s. Hope that helps. Good luck!

It also depends on where you are, Schweser have a series of lectures sent out on times that fit in with a European time schedule. It might be an advantage.

When it comes to lectures there is no contest. Stalla >>>>> Schweser by a large margin. Overall the material is the same between the 2, but when it comes to the video lectures Stalla owns Schweser and it’s not even close.

jlive1975 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > When it comes to lectures there is no contest. > Stalla >>>>> Schweser by a large margin. … That might well be the case but I can’t easily access Stalla where I’m at (Europe). When I started studying for Level I, I realised Stalla didn’t offer any services here so - - - it was an easy choice for me.

Great info. Thanks a lot!