Best job you could have now if you weren't in finance?

Since we’ve already had some threads on worst jobs and dream jobs, what would you say is the best job you could realistically do today if you weren’t in finance? And would you seriously consider working such a job? In my case, it would be piano teacher or tennis pro. There are people out there who definitely are not as skilled or are rated much lower that are reeling in $50+ per hour down here in Texas. It’s a similar rate in New York as far as I can tell, because even though there’s an increased supply of skilled individuals, there’s also an increased demand among parents who want to raise their children to be a super-talented individual. Plus, I also think I am patient and detail-oriented, which are things that a lot of teachers are not. So, if I could make $50 per hour doing other stuff (assuming a 40-hour per week work schedule), I could have a much better lifestyle and still be pulling in a decent amount of income…maybe if Wall Street continues to go downhill, you might find me on the tennis court nearest you. If it weren’t for the potential upside in finance, I might be out doing something else already…

As a follow-up question, if you had an alternative job where you could earn a fair amount of money, or even more than what you’re being paid now…what is it that keeps you doing what you’re currently doing?


Drummer - I was in a band for a short period of time but I had to drop it because I didn’t have enough time w/school work etc. It would probably pretty hard to earn a livable wage however without a great deal of luck.

I saw some postings on a bulletin the other day for a band that could be hired at a rate of $250 for the first hour and $50 per person in the band for each additional hour. That sounds like pretty sweet money. I guess the only thing is, you probably can’t fit in 40 hours worth of gigs in a week.

“As a follow-up question, if you had an alternative job where you could earn a fair amount of money, or even more than what you’re being paid now…what is it that keeps you doing what you’re currently doing?” I have a couple of other ventures where I earn about what I do now with my employer, but I keep them up because I have enough time and like to stay busy. Plus, I actually enjoy my job and they are very flexible so I havent had to make a choice. I also doubt I would be able to adjust my life-style to only 1/2 my wages (although, I could take on more tutoring with more time). As to the original post: I really like tutoring and would do something around teaching/tutoring if I could, full time. I think when I am older I will do this. Actually can make reasonable money, as my most recent contract is paying me $75 an hour. I am speaking of things that are within reason…truth be told I would love to teach people how to shoot a coke can off someone’s head from 50 yards, but I dont know myself.

Well as you know, Numi, I’m still in college, so there aren’t too many “good jobs” that I could land right now. But, I would say that maybe teaching (possibly at a high school) would be something that I could see as being interesting for a little while. Yes, I know the pay isn’t good, and high schoolers can be a pain, but I also think it’s pretty cool to be in a position where you help someone with their education.

Commercial pilot. I was once asked this question in an interview (i.e. “if I told you you couldn’t have this job”) and my second choice was a related job, same field. Then he asked if I couldn’t work in the field, so I came up w/ commercial pilot (which is true). Nailed it.

SCUBA instructor. I would need a few more hours training, but I feel like I could live underwater for most of my life.


I’d like to be a serial novelist. I just have to complete that first manuscript.

I’d troll the internet posting “First!” on every blog comments section I could find.

who wants a job? Do you wanna make money and enjoy life or just work in a “job” for somebody else? It’s not about Income, its about Assets. If you have assets you can set your own income. If I had to work for somebody else and I was given the choice between being paid income or equity - I would take equity every time. You guys are on the wrong track. Reading these all these threads it seems you view a job as an end goal. It’s not. A job is just a means to an end. Sure most people have to work for other people from time to time, but never forget that it’s just a means to an end. Use the job to gain skills, experience and contacts - forget the income. Then use those skills, experience and contacts to get out and MAKE MONEY, build assets and have fun…

I would definitely be a professional golfer. It has always been my dream.

I could teach Economics or Statistics, definitely in a high school, maybe in a community college setting (the Econ, not the Stat). High schools probably pay better though.

numi… dallas, right? I played baseball in college and started a baseball coaching group in Houston. Being already in the trading biz a lot of the people in my firm use me and as I met more people I got more business. I started at 30 a hour and now charging 60. I also have two people that I use and get half of their fee. It was pretty easy to set up and only requires a few hours a week. I coached a team this summer that also make it to LL World Series (we got knocked out two wins away)… I donated the money I was paid back to the little league that it has more then paid itself back in future lessons. I say to go for it and make it happen.

Veterinarian, Hip Hop Mogul, A highly compensated college professor…

working for national geographic–exploring the unkown places

porn star

f1 driver