Best level 3 study prep materials.

Anyone have any suggestions on which is the best level 3 study prep? I’ve used Schweser in the past, wondering if LevelUp or Wiley are better?

Best Level III Material- CFAI

Best Pre Provider- Sorry no ranking available. To each his own.

Using IFT videos with finquiz notes

Use as many resources as you can get your hands on that’s probably the best strategy to follow

Hmm…why finquiz notes? IFT notes are pretty thorough

IFT videos are the best preparation for Level III (it is only an opinion). You will learn a lot from this guy. LevelUp is a complete waste of money believe me. A lot of marketing and advertising, virtually zero value added. Schweser is a no-go.

The levelup videos are amazing…I passed because of the videos and marcs guidance!