Best MBAs - Buyside

Ok so finally got this to work. Below I’ve organized the 5-year avg. (classes 2014-2010) career placement data for the top MBA programs based on who gets into buyside roles (i.e. AM/HF or PE). I did it this way b/c frankly these are generally among the best paying jobs and the end goal for those who first go into banking and such.

For the most part I wasn’t too surprised for the top schools. HSW are simply the best, tier 1. Columbia, Chicago and LBS are next, tier 2. After that, it’s all over for the tier 3 guys. Note, for tier 3, some school %'s are higher, but lower in rank b/c they only provided 1 year of data. Then after that, the rest are below 5%.

Hope this puts the MBA hacksaw threads to rest.

Below 5%: Duke, Darden, and Ross

Incomplete: UC Berkeley (doesn’t breakout AM/PE), still looks like it would be in tier 3.

That’s interesting. Did you put this together, yourself?

When you look at Columbia though, it’s pulled down lower because of low PE, but for AM placement it ranks higher than anyone else except Wharton.Geographics?

Also, is the reported salary for all graduates, or just those placed in the three fields?

I did. Took some time, but gave me a pretty clear picture that helped me navigate the noise in the rankings and commentary in the forums on certain schools (a lot of which is just false and can be pretentious).

Columbia is no surprise on the AM side due to their value program and being in NYC, though I was expecting a little bit better showing for PE.

Per salaries, most are a weighted average of the two fields. However, some like LBS, do not break out for sub-segments in finance so the avg. salary would likely be higher.

Holy Hacksaw!

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Top 2 or hacksaw.

Wait, where’s UofP? This list can’t be right.

MnA’in on the Buyside BSDs don’t need a Top 2 MBA.


Wharton is on there…

i believe he meant university of phoenix. the harvard of online schools.

Ah, my sincerest apologies then. UofP just blew the numbers away so much, I didn’t want to offend any alleged top MBAs on the forum.

^ That’s more like it. I didn’t want Shaq showing up at your place all pissed off.

^And go all Shaq-Fu on you.

why did you do all this ---- isn’t this common knowledge? what were you seeking to find

where did you get this data

It is and it isn’t. For HSW, I don’t think there’d be much dispute. But for the rest, you’d be surprised about all the misinformation out there on schools. Like MIT’s MBA is a great feeder into buyside (maybe for other more quant. heavy programs, but clearly not the MBA) or LBS doesn’t stack up to the M7/Insead (clearly false), or Kellogg has no one going to buyside Etc… I did it to confirm my own findings and hopefully help dispell all of the bad information.

I got it form compiling the various school’s employment reports.

Well I think the data is pretty useful, even if I still would like to review the sources. Also, it would be interesting to add some data on sell side placement too, since a lot of candidates might be somewhat indifferent towards offers from different finance fields.

Is it just me or is Insead basically a degree mill?

youre hardcore :wink: