best medicines to start taking right now to prevent getting sick, fever?

I am worried about getting sick from staying up and also other people, what are the best sustances to act as preventive from this happening?

Don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs, get to bed at a reasonable time, exercise, and eat a well balanced diet. Also, wash your damn hands. None of the vitamins will matter if you’re staying up late, eating poorly and practicing bad hygiene.

Agree with all of this, but definitely out of all these things, do NOT smoke weed. It WILL kill your memory. A beer here and there (no more than two of low ABV under 5 percent) would be ok after a stressful mock.

accordin to the BSD’s in the water cooler, if you aren’t eating a ketogenic diet, you’re just screwing yourself over

If you haven’t been on the ketogenic diet, now isn’t the time to start as you’ll feel awful starting up, as I have heard from people.