Best method for preparing for ethics?

I’m nearing the end of my readings and all is going well. However, I plan on finishing with ethics and I really am unsure of how to approach it. I heard, at least from those prepping with KS like myself, that its probably not ideal to study/prep in the same fashion you would for the other 9 sections. Anyone have any advice on the best way to tackle it? Thanks.

I’ve gotten top 90% on ethics on all three levels. My method is to skip the reading altogether, and just do practice qbank and mock questions. After you do about 30, you start to see the pattern of what is right and what is wrong. (mosq theory, insider trading, use of cfa designation, etc). You start to see the same types of questions popping up, and it starts to become more familiar.

Doing the reading is okay too, but its far too dry and too much detail.

That makes sense. Thanks, buddy.