best Mock exam?

Not happy. I did first mock (2012 CFAI Mock) exam and only scored 60% in morning and afternoon session… so more mocks required. Does anybody know where I can get 2011 & 2010 CFAI Mocks from? Looked on internet but nothing that looked like trustworthy download. Else what third party provider is good? Schweser, Elan? Cheers and good luck on Sunday. Dirk

IMO it’s more a matter of who can deliver to you within 48 hours… You might have to pay for priority shipping, or perhaps you may find something at the book store?

From what I read, most people (and myself) found the CFAI mocks super challenging, and the Schweser mocks easier. I felt that way, personally. Some find the CFAI mock easier though.

My personal opinion, with 60% score, you still have vert good chance of passing but I would not spend time doing more mocks as long as you feel comfortable with the format of the mock you took and your time spent completing it was sufficient. The opportunity cost is too high to spend 5-6 hours taking it and 3 hours reviewing it appropriately. You would be better served refining weaker areas and strengthening the heavily weighted portions of the exam. That is the approach I am taking at least. Don’t expect to learn much from the mocks other than the formatting and difficulty to expect. The questions they ask probably won’t be asked again on the real exam

You might want to take a look at the Schweser online mock, I’m doing it now.

Insofar I remember it from last year (!) they will then provide you with an audio and video walk-through of every question - a guy talks you through the solution which is simultaneously showed on a power point presentation - and as I remember it they appear to have selected the questions so as to convey the maximum amount of useful stuff to the one who is taking it. That is to say it’s not geared toward tripping you up on unecessary remote trick questions but to test you on your core knowledge of the very center of the curriculum. Like for instance if they were to test some remote little piece of info hidden in a footnote in the CFAI, that’s not pretty useful now, as a prep tool, since the chances of ever encountering that particular question again is slim. It’s better to drill the core concepts.

I forgot to add: you download and print the exam as a PDF file so no need to “send” anything in the mail. Everything is online.