HEY , What do you think are the best mock exams to do the month before the exam?? Schweser practice exams? or any other online exams we can buy? Thanks

schweser are good, CFAI lets you get one mock exam. other exams are really not meant to be mock exams and do not give you as much of a feel for the real thing (CFAI mock is best for this). someone mentioned the Boston Society had a good mock exam too (google it).

  1. CFAI mock and samples exams 2. Boston Society exams 3. Schweser’s practice exams. I haven’t seen Stalla’s, and I am eagerly waiting for Elan’s. They will send them out in early May. P.S: Why have double posts become so common? Just post a topic once. It really does suffice.

beatthecfa Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 1. CFAI mock and samples exams > 2. Boston Society exams > 3. Schweser’s practice exams. > > beatthecfa - Is the Boston Society qbank worth $99? I’m using Elan guides and am looking for another source of practice questions. Thanks

Good question horse girl. I’ll ask around. I acutally wasn’t aware that they had a Qbank as well. How much time will you have for practice questions. The CFA EOC questions are extremely valuable. Are you done with those?

I’ll still have to complete Derivatives and Alt Inv, then I’ll be done with CFA EOC ?'s. YAY Then, I will review all the EOC?'s, work on Schweser’s Qbank and use the Elan guides to help with concepts I’m struggling with. 2 months to go!!

BSAS is really good. It’s tough.

how do you get access to Boston Mock? Where do you buy it? i cannot find it on their website. It appears you have to be a member of the Boston Society to purchase the exam.

Thanks beatthe cfa, and robert. so basically priority is EOC CFA questions, then qbanks. how tough are the Schweser practice exams? easier or harder than the real thing?? whats the best thing to do in the last month ??? Ps. when i refresh the page it double posts, definately not on purpose, will try avoid it in the future.

I am debating on whether I’m going to use Qbank. I feel confident with the readings in both CFAI and Schweser and have completed the EOC Questions. I’m still under prepared in Econ and 1/2 of Quant, so I was thinking of spending the rest of the month focusing on my weak areas and devote may for reviewing the schweser notes 1 last time and start the mock exams 7 days before the exam. I’m taking off of work the week before the exam. Is Qbank a must for some areas? For a free mock exam offered in NYC, see the link below. I registered for the 5/30 exam. I hope I’ll be ready by then to sit for this exam.

what do you guys think of the analyst notes exams??? Are they any help? easy? hard? Waste of time? Any input would be much appreciated! Thanks.

Is anyone else taking that mock 7city exam? I signed up. Why would they just give that away for free. Schweser is charging $50.

What is the 7city exam? I have a question regarding Schwesser practice Exams. I have all of 2009 practice exams and Schwesser 2009 notes. I haven’t seen much of a difference between last year’s notes and this year’s notes so I’m thinking that using last year’s practice exams will still be pretty good preperation for this year. I just hate to buy new materials over again if what I have is pretty sufficient. I know that no one can really definatively answer this question but does anyone have an opinion?

I think the L1 exam is pretty generic – it covers more academic basics, so I wouldn’t expect much change from year to year. But then, do you really want to risk failure? Why not buy Practice Exams vol II?

If I was you, I would try as many practice exams, at the end of each reading, mock exams, etc., that I could possibly get. All will help. Good luck, Daniel