Best mocks for Level II

I apologize if there’s already similar topic…

So, in your opinion, which are the best mock exams for Level II, apart from free ones on CFAI site?

I am studying with Mark Meldrum, so i will buy his mocks package, but i suppose that will not be sufficient, so I was planning to buy mocks from one more provider.

I’ve taken the following last year: Schweser, CFAI, IFT, WIley, Konvexity, Boston CFA. In my order of preference that similates the actual exam:

  1. CFAI

  2. Schweser - solid

  3. Konvexity - solid

  4. Boston - lots of errors

  5. IFT – repeat of CFAI with numbers and names changed – dejavu!

  6. WIley – stay away

But I heard that cfai mock is more tougher than actual exam.

Mark Meldrum was using IFT’s Mock exam till last year. When do you think new Mock exams written by you will be available for sale?

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