Best of luck, candidates!

With less than four days to go, at this point all I can do is wish all of you the best of luck. It’s been fun chatting with you all these past few months; I hope to see all of you at Level II next year.

As I’m getting a number of questions from my own students, my presence here the next few days may be spotty, but I’ll try to pop in when I can. However, I have a firm policy (well, sort of firm) that I don’t answer questions on the Friday before the exam; if you think you need one last question answered or you won’t pass, well . . . .

Thank you for all your great explanations. You really helped in understanding a lot of concepts :slight_smile:

You have been a fantastic presence. If I have a question, I rest assured knowing sooner or later S2000magician will get around to answering it… and know what he’s talking about too!

Thanks for the good luck, we’ll need it!

Thanks, S2000magician, for all of your explanations! While I haven’t posted many questions on the forum lately, I have been reading other people’s posts almost daily and your answers are always very helpful and intuitive to understand. You have been very kind to spend your time clarifying our doubts and questions! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot S2000magician, and good luck to all!

Thanks so much! Your patience and willingness to help are just invaluable.

Can only echo what everyone else is saying. Whether I pass or fail, I am hugely grateful.

Thanks a lot S2000magician, and good luck to all

TY very much! You’ve been great all the time !

Thank you, and hopefully we all see you on level II


Good luck, everyone. I’ve enjoyed being a part of this community. Pass or fail, I’ll see you all in the Fall.

Many thanks, S2000 :smiley: Just reading your answers for other people’s questions is helpful for me too :slight_smile:

Many thanks S2K, I’ve only recently started chatting on this forum but have been following it for a while. I haven’t been able to dedicate as much time as I would have liked with three youg kids at home, but hopefully I’ll be able to remember many of the tips I’ve received here and can make it to level 2.

Best of luck to all!