Best of luck, candidates!

Many thanks S2000 for the very detailed and prompt responses, and I wish you a swift recovery from your injuries if you haven’t already!

Your generosity is truly remarkable. Thank you for all your help!

many thank you, magic sir yes yes

many thanks too , S2000.

much appreciation S2000… u definitely saved all of us countless hours!

Thanks so much magician

Thanks for your good wishes. I’m recovering nicely, thank you. I was out running with my horse (he of my avatar) earlier this evening. The knee’s in great shape. (If only the rest of me were. Nothing a few months of running won’t fix, however.)

Make sure not to get injured when riding your beloved S2000, speed king! U r too fast too furious!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot S2000magician!!! You are my hero if I pass the exam this time!!! Thanks!!!

S2000magician!!! You are the man!!! Thanks so much for all your help, tt’s been invaluable!!!