Best of luck, candidates!

With less than four days to go, at this point all I can do is wish all of you the best of luck. It’s been fun chatting with you all these past few months; I hope to see all of you at Level III next year.

As I’m getting a number of questions from my own students, my presence here the next few days may be spotty, but I’ll try to pop in when I can. However, I have a firm policy (well, sort of firm) that I don’t answer questions on the Friday before the exam; if you think you need one last question answered or you won’t pass, well . . . .

I’m sure im not alone when I say many thanks for your contributions to our preparations.

Do me proud and pass this stupid exam!

Agreeed - thank you very much.

Thank You very much Sir … You are an amazingly generous human being … Havent seen many people / teachers helping strangers / students to the extent that you did here over the past few months … Thanks again

Thanks Magic for all your help. If I pass I owe a large part of it to you. If I fail I owe a large part of it to Pierre’s gaming strategy!

Thank you very much for all the help!!!

When I fail this thing, I’m going to feel as if I failed S2000. And that will be the worst part! lol

really appreciate your commitment to this forum.

Thank you Sir for all your help throughout these past months.

Thanks for all your help here S2000. Hopefully I’ll be seeing you around these parts next Jan-June too (preferably in the L3 forums this time)

magic sir hope ur magic rubs on our result smiley

u r a true teacher- a selfless person yes

thanks for the help and the well wishes!

Thanks for all of your help

Thanks S2000 for all the quick and thorough answers

Thank you S2000. I am more of a lurker here than a poster, but you are an amazing resource. Hopefully, you will get a lot of good Karma coming your way!

Thank you. I wish I could have one more week.

Great job here, thank you a milion :slight_smile:

Thank u , wish all the best to all.Great Help by you Magician truely.

You are the man!! a million thanks to you.