Best of luck everyone!

I wish you all the best of luck on tomorrow’s exam.

You ladies and gentlemen are amongst the best prepared for the exam; tomorrow’s the day to demonstrate that.

The historical evidence suggests that most of you will pass. You’ll be elated when you do, and justifiably so.

Unfortunately, it also suggests that some of you will not. You’ll be disappointed, and justifiably so.

Whether you pass or fail, please put it in perspective. I was tutoring a Level III candidate up until about a month ago, when she told me that she was not going to take the exam this year. She had just learned that her mother has cancer. She’s in chemotherapy and will likely survive the disease, but her daughter rightly decided that her mom was her priority, not some stupid exam.

If the worst thing that happens to you on Saturday is that you fail this exam, it’s still been a pretty good day.

Take care.

Very true. Thanks Bill!

You’re quite welcome.

Bill you are a top man. Thanks for all your help mate. This place wouldn’t be the same without you!


well said; thanks a lot!!

Thanks a lot, Bill. Your support during preparing this exam was really valuable.

Thanks bill! Your help on here along with your website have been such a help these last 2 years, you are truly a legend!

Thanks for all the help Bill. Your contributions, both professional and on your own personal time, have helped immensely.

Good luck everyone!


You are magician. Your words worked very well!

Perfectly in time,

you with your precise answers and the rest were of pretty much help,

Good luck to all of us :slight_smile:

I shall be incommunicado till Friday evening, whereupon I’ll come in and see who’s passed.

Best of luck, all!

Such a class act, Bill. Thank you for everything you do.

Thanks magician

I’m back from a well-earned vacation in the Sierra Nevada, and looking to see who passed Level II.